I didn’t really intend to become a photographer. I studied
Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London. Taking pictures, just
informal shots of friends and family, was something I did
purely for pleasure. My first ‘proper job’ was as a designer at
Horse & Hound magazine. But once they found out I knew
where to point a camera, they sent me out to capture the
beauty and drama of all things equestrian. After that, I worked everywhere. Not just for Horse & Hound but for many other titles including Country Life, The Field and The Observer Magazine.
I began to build a reputation as a photographer of horses with
or without people. This complemented the one I already had
as a photographer of people, with or without horses.

I got married and had a family, took a ridiculous number of
pictures of my wife and two children and gradually my ‘hobby’
became my real job. It has been ever since. I suppose I’d
describe myself as a family photographer. Especially good if
that family includes dogs, horses or both.

Okay, enough now. A photographer should be judged on his
work, so feel free to have a good look through mine...